Diocese Mbinga

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Projects in the Diocese of Mbinga

Bishop Emmanuel Maputa

About five years ago, it was the wish of Bishop Emmanuel Mapunda to install high quality PV solar systems in all health posts, clinics, parish houses and schools of the Diocese of Mbinga. The systems were designed for providing electrical power for lighting in the evening hours, cooling of medicine, running radios and mobile phones.


In 2006 the German company Energiebau Solarstromsysteme, which had already gained more than 15 years of experience in solar projects in Africa, took over responibility for this foresighted project and started a programm for theoretical and practical apprenticeship in the field of solar energy in Mbinga Diocese. Since 2008, RENERG TANZANIA as the local project partner is responsible for all solar installations in the area of the Diocese of Mbinga. With more than 50 solar systems for clinics, schools and parish houses, this project will work as an example for other dioceses, too.