RENERG Tanzania

Energiebau Solarstromsysteme
in Cologne, Germany

is a technical and social orientated company, providing installation and maintenance of PV solar systems in the rural areas of Tanzania. The company was found in 2008. Based in Mbinga / Southern Tanzania RENERG T works also in Ruvuma area and other parts of the country.


RENERG TANZANIA is part of an international network of solar companies in Africa, which cooperate with one of the biggest German whole salers, Energiebau Solarstromsysteme GmbH, situated in Cologne. This network covers Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda, Ghana, Togo,Mali and Nigeria.


PV solar system for a School in the Village
of Matemanga, Ruvuma area

PV solar systems

-a reliable and sustainable electrical power supply for:



Water pumping




Health centers


Cooling of medicine

Mission houses


Cooling and freezing of food

Farm houses



Private homes



Planning and sizing

Briefing and planing of the todays trip

Before a PV solar system can be installed, professional planning and sizing is necessary. The demand of electricity of all AC- and DC-consumers, the production of energy with solar modules and the storage of energy in an adequate battery has to be well balanced. The ambition is to design the complete solar system so, that with the invested money the customers' demand of electrical energy can be supplied in an optimal way.


The customer must also be instructed in handling, so that he is able to understand the display of the PV solar system. In case of technical problems the service and maintenance team of RENERG TANZANIA will provide quick and professional support.


Installation of a high quality sine wave inverter in Litembo Hospital

Service first is the basic idea of RENERG TANZANIA. ”We do not want to leave our customers having a technical problem” says Mr Deodatus Ndunguru, the technical manager of the company in Mbinga. Therefore the company offers regular maintenance service to check the entire PV solar system and to guarantee its expected live span.


Best quality in equipment and installation
To make sure that the installed PV solar systems satisfy the customers' expectations, RENERG TANZANIA uses only high quality products, whose durability was proved for many years in other solar projects. Well trained and experienced electricians take care for a professional installation, so that the systems' reliability is guaranteed for many years.


Long life guarantee

With 20 years guarantee for solar modules, 3 years for VLRA batteries respectively 5 years for tubular plate batteries and 3 years for all other equipment RENERG TANZANIA offers fair conditiones for best sustainability and profitability for their PV solar systems.



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